Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mary Kay ClearProof Acne Treatment Gel

Hey guys!!!

I know it has been a minute since I posted a blogpost and I didn't finish Blogmas, but things got crazy for me. After all that I traveled and I am still out of town. I decided to do one more post before the new year. 

I had been having acne issues I was trying to find what works for my skin. I had tried out quite a few things and all at once. It isn't the best idea to try out different products all at once it can really affect you skin and I learned that the hard way. My skin wasn't getting any better it was actually getting worse. Also I was eating anything peanut related for two months straight and I believe I broke out because of that as well. 

I decided to stop it all and change up my skin care routine! Once I changed it keep up with it and see if I see a difference in my skin. I added a new product into my skin care regimen. I spoke to my friend Brittany(if you are interested in anything Mary Kay you can always contact her) and she recommended the Mary Kay ClearProof line. I decided to start off with one thing from the line. 

I started noticing a difference in my skin after a week of using this product. Granted my skin is not fully clear just yet, but it is slowly getting there. Out of all the products I have used before this this product has been the most effective on me. One thing I do wish is that I had a before and after picture to show you guys. 

I have been using it for like two months and about almost half of the acne I had is gone and I am so happy with the results. Although I do wish the process of the acne leaving my face was faster, but I am still glad I found the product that works for me. I didn't want to go to a dermatologist and spend money there.

The product comes out white like a lotion and I actually thought it was gonna burn once I applied it to my skin. It doesn't burn, but one thing that you have to keep in mind is that it does dry it out your skin. I have to use a serum and a moisturizer so I won't get dry patches. 

Overall this is my holy grail skin care product for sure. While being out of town I added a new skin care product into my routine and I believe that has also helped my skin I will talk about what that is on another post. 

I hope you guys will have a great New Years Eve and be safe out there. Thank you for your support ths year I appreciate it and I hope for my blog to grow next year. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

L'OREAL Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

Hey guys!!!

 When I was 15 I was horribly matched by a associate in Macy's for a Lancome foundation and ever since I never wanted to try foundation or anything since I was looking orange with the foundation. This product has been one of the first products I used ever since that experience. I wanted to start with a BB Cream first and then look for a foundation if I wanted to.

At the time when I purchased this my skin wasn't as bad as it is now(it is slowly better tho) and I didn't need much coverage. When I was trying to choose my shade I only saw 3 shades at CVS, but I looked at the website and I saw that there is actually 4 shades. I got the shade Medium and it is still a little light, but I made it work.

One thing that scared me was that when I first swatched it in the store it came out white with little beads in it and I was like OMG how will I be able to choose my shade like this? 

Once you blend in the product into your skin it will change into your skin color.

On the website it says:
"This mullti-tasking skin beautifier delivers 4 beautifying actions in 1: hydrates, corrects, evens and perfects. Instantly transforms to your perfect shade for a flawless, bare skin finish."

I agree with everything the website says. This has light coverage and it is the perfect everyday product I would use it everyday for work. It evened out my skin and covered up the little redness I do have like for example around my nose. If you have oily skin you will have to set it with a setting powder. I heard people use this as a primer underneath their foundation I haven't tried that myself yet. Have you guys tried that?

 The best way to apply this product is with your fingers. I tried to use a brush before and it didn't work out well at all it was a mess. My skin still looked flawless even though I used my fingers to blend it out. It does keep my skin hydrated especially during the cold weather last year.

Overall I love this product. I will definitely use it again once my skin clears up all the way. Have you guys tried out this product? What do you guys think of it??

Friday, December 19, 2014

First Aid Beauty Hydrating Duo

Hey guys!!!

I had to return something at Sephora so I decided to use the money I get back to buy other things. I saw the First Aid Beauty Hydrating Duo Set for $16 and I already love the Ultra Repair Cream so when I saw that it had the Ultra Repair Lip Therapy I decided to try it out! These products are good for if you have sensitive and very dry skin.

Ultra Repair Cream

My holy grail hand cream. I wash my hands many times a day and I tend to get really really dry hands because of it. I had tried so many hand creams, but nothing worked until I discovered this product. I put this on at night before bed and my hands feel really moisturized and ready for the day. This is a perfect product for this time of year.

Ultra Repair Lip Therapy

Another new holy grail product! I love to use this before I start applying my makeup so that way by the time I am done with my makeup I can remove it and my lips will be hydrated and ready to apply lip products. My lips feel really smooth and that makes it really easy to apply any lip product.

 Although their skin care products didn't work out for me I am glad that their creams did. Overall I love these products and will continue to repurchase them. I want to try their eye cream next.

Have you guys tried out any First Aid Beauty products?? Which ones are your favorite??

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Birchbox December 2014 Unboxing

Hey guys!!!

I am excited to show you this month's Birchbox because everything in it is a decent sample size. I got no foil packets this time around. 

  • Acure Organics Sensitive Facial Cleanser- This probiotic formula nourishes delicate skin as it cleans. I most likely won't use this just because I am scared to change around my skin care routine at the moment, but I will be giving it to someone else.
  • Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge in Sydney- It is a velvety color with a matte finish. It says that a lip liner is not necessary. I have heard my friend talk about this brand so much that I am excited to try this out. I hope it doesn't dry out my lips because of the matte finish.
  • W3LL People Bio Brightener Stick- This is a high-performance, all-natural formula adds a flattering shimmer while nourishing skin. I have heard one of my favorite YouTubers, GlamourWonderland, talk about this brand and I am excited to try this out especially since I love a good highlight.
  • Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk in Natural Tint- Naturally tinted for brunettes and this absorbs grease and revives second day hair. I didn't think this product was tinted like the Batiste Dry Shampoo that I love. Hopefully I will love this one just as much. 
  • Essential Elements Wake Up Rosemary Body Gel- It is a luxe cleanser that infuses skin with nourishing honey and softening Rosemary and mint oils. I am not sure if I will be using this one just because I am sensitive to scented shower gels and soaps. If I don't I will give it to someone else. 
So that is all that I got in my Birchbox this month. I am getting excited to receive my Birchbox nowadays. If you are interested in getting this subscription just click here. It is $10 a month and it comes with sometimes deluxe sample sizes and sample sized products. I love their point system whenever you review the products you get points and later on you are able to purchase anything you want from their website. 

Do you guys get Birchbox?? What did you get this month?? Did you like what you got??

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Hey guys!!!

Once I started watching YouTube one of the products that was raved about at the time were the Revlon Lip Butters and one day I went out I decided to buy one to see what all the rave was about. I was confused at first on which shade to try out, but I went with the shade Lollipop.

(Left: one swipe Right: several swipes)

I have a love hate relationship with this product. Since it is a lip butter it is sheer, but you can always build it up to get more pigmentation. This product is really easy to apply you don't need a lip liner, but I still use one. Although some people even say you don't need a mirror I still use one I don't want to risk walking around with messed up lips haha. It is really moisturizing on the lips and I do enjoy the formula, but there is one thing I hate so much. 

I didn't notice it at first till just recently. This product has shimmer in it and I hate that. I will be conscious all day on if there is shimmer all over my mouth because of it. I wish it didn't have it otherwise I would love this product and get a couple more. Because it is a lip butter it doesn't last as long as other lipsticks and if you use a lip liner they will last a little bit longer.

Overall this product is a great everyday product to just have in your purse and if you don't mind the shimmer then I highly recommend it. I am not sure if all the other shades have shimmer so keep that in mind. What do you guys think of this product??

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ELF Essential Smudge Pot

Hey guys!!!

Time for a quick review!! A product I had been loving lately I received it from my friend Sam in our swap. She sent me a ELF Smudge Pot in Back to Basics. I love these type of products as you know and I was really excited to try this product out to see if this is just as good as the Maybelline Color Tattoos.

This is a pretty dark gold shade and I have been very into gold eyeshadows so I use this as a base everytime I use gold. This blends nicely when I blend it with either my finger or a brush. It lasts all day without creasing. I have used it with eyeshadow and with this on its own I love it both ways. You could also use this product as a liner if you wanted to. 

Overall I love this product and if you are into eye bases or cream eyeshadows you should definitely try this especially since it is just $3!! So far almost everything I have tried from ELF I have loved. What are some of you guys favorite ELF products?? 

Thank you Sam for sending me this. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

November Ipsy Bag 2014

Hey guys!!!

Sorry it has been taking me a while to do this post I just had a lot of posts planned since I am doing Blogmas(if you haven't noticed already haha). I was really excited for this month's bag when I saw what I was getting. 

I really love love this bag!! It is very fit for this time of year!!

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray

To be honest I have not used this yet just because I do not style my hair at all much so I wouldn't need any hairspray for anything. I will try it out once I do and I will get back to you guys later on. Did you guys get this in your bag?? What did you think of it??

Laura Mercier Invinsible Loose Setting Powder & Mini Fan Brush

I was sooo excited to try this powder out. Since the product is so small I only use this under my eyes to set my concealer. After I apply this my under eyes feels really smooth I am not sure why and my concealer doesn't crease as much. I am in love with it. I hope I don't convince myself to purchase the full size since it is pretty pricey. We shall see. I use the fan brush to add highlighter on my cheekbones and it does a good job of it, but I still prefer my ELF brush.

J.Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint

I do not like this product to be honest. The reason is because it is has shimmer in it. If it didn't have that shimmer I would probably love it. I wore it without a lip liner and it feathered on me so I have to make sure I wear a lip liner next time. I probably give this to someone since I most likely will not wear this. I got it in the color Mad Splatter.

Elizabeth Mott you're so FINE Eyeliner

I am in love with this eyeliner. I was happy to see that it was waterproof. The day that I wore it my allergies were acting up and I am happy to say that it didn't budge. This a black liner with glitter in it and I love it! The applicator for this is the only thing I don't like because it is hard for me to do a winged liner with especially at 5am. 

Be a Bombshell Eye Base

I love a good eye base like this so I was excited to try this product out. This consistency is different compared to the color tattoo. It is feels really moist I hope that makes sense. It blends nicely and it takes a little while to set. After all day wearing it it creased a little on one eye only. I will keep using it, but I won't repurchase once I run out.

Overall I did like my bag this month. What did you guys get in your November ipsy bag?? Did you like the products you got?? If you are interested in getting this subscription service it is only $10 a month for a different makeup bag each month and 4-5 sample sizes or deluxe sample sized products. Sometimes you get full size too. If you want to sign up click here.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo

Hey guys!!!

I love love love the Batiste Dry Shampoo, but before I traveled back in October I had ran out and I didn't have time to buy more. I went into a drugstore and the only thing I found was a Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo so I decided to go ahead and try it out. 

I honestly do not like this dry shampoo, but I don't hate it. This dry shampoo will get the job done. It sucks up all the oils in your hair and it will stay like that till the next day. I hate the smell of it. To me it turns me off to a product if it doesn't smell good. Also a couple days ago I sprayed some in and someone told me that one side of my hair is white. This is definitely a product that you need to brush it out after a few minutes of applying it to your hair. The white cast that it leaves behind also turn me off to this product.

Overall this is an okay dry shampoo. I will be going back to Batiste as soon as this is done haha. Have you guys tried this product?? What do you think??

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mini Bath & Body Works Haul

Hey guys!!!

Today Bath & Body Works were having a sale on their hand soaps. They were $2.50 each and since I missed out on their sale on the candles yesterday I decided to take advantage on this sale. Here is what I picked up:

I had a coupon to use if I spent $10 or more I could get a free product up to $13 so I got four hand soaps. I got the foaming hand soaps because those are my favorite type that they carry. The scents I got are Japanese Cherry Blossom(one of my fav scents of all time), Black Cherry Merlot, Salted Caramel, and Merry Cookie.

The free product I picked up is the True Blue Spa 60-Second Manicure Hand Scrub with Sugar. I know you are supposed to exfoliate your skin at least once a week and hopefully this will do the job. I still need a body scrub do you guys recommend any??

What are some of you guys favorite scents from Bath & Body Works??

Friday, December 12, 2014

ELF Studio Mineral Powder Brush

Hey guys!!!

I have a few ELF brushes and I love most of the ones I have. Kathleen Lights on YouTube mentioned this ELF Studio Mineral Powder Brush and said that it would be good for bronzer. I was using the Mary Kay Powder Brush and I will still continue to use it, but it is kinda a rough brush I don't like how it feels on my cheeks. I love how soft the ELF Studio Brushes feel so I wanted to try it out.

This applies bronzer beautifully and blends it out amazingly. I love how soft this feels on my cheeks while I apply the bronzer. This is a great brush to use if you want to contour your cheeks because of the shape it has. It is a "rounded dome-tip and densely packed bristles" brush. Just like the other ELF Studio brushes that I own this one doesn't shed when I deep clean the brush.

You could honestly use the brush for other things too and not just bronzer like for example blush or loose powder. This is becoming another holy grail brush. At first I thought you needed expensive brushes to get your makeup to look flawless, but you don't. There are good affordable brushes out there. This brush is just $3!!

What are some of you guys favorite ELF brushes or makeup products??

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix

Hey guys!!!

I am in love with my Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate and when I saw there was a mini set with different shades I was so excited I HAD to get it! It was $25 and it came with 4 different shades. One full size Pencil is $24 so I thought it was a great deal! It comes with Winterberry, Sable, Rhubarb, and Pomegranate.

One thing I love is that the box has a nice big mirror inside!

(Top to Bottom: Sable, Rhubarb, Pomegranate, and Winterberry)

I am happy to have a backup of my favorite Pomegranate shade. Just like the Pomegrante shade these last about 4 hours with a clear lip liner and it touches up beautifully. My lips don't dry with this product. It actually feels really moisturizing on my lips. 

The website says this product will give a matte look and to me it is a semi matte finish since there is a shine on your lips after you apply it. You can always make it fully matte by applying powder on your lips if you prefer it that way.

These pencils are really pigmented with just one swipe. Here is the proof:
(Left to Right: Pomegranate, Winterberry, Sable, Rhubarb)

(Left to Right: Sable, Winterberry, Rhubarb, and Pomegranate)

I honestly love all of these shades, I have no complaints about this product whatsoever! I looked on Sephora online and they are sold out there, but the last time I was in Sephora this set was still there so maybe hopefully you can still find it. This would make a great Christmas gift.

What are some of you guys favorite shades from the Bite Beauty line??

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Black Friday Haul!

Hey guys!!

I know it is late, but I did all of my black friday shopping online so I had to wait till everything came in the mail. I want to show you the few beauty things I got.

  • Alterna Caviar Moisture Trio- It was $10. I am trying to find my holy grail hair products and I wanted to try something new. (I think it is still on the website)
  • Kat Von D Lip Love Set- It was $10. I been wanting to try the Kat Von D lip products and it was the perfect thing to get to try them out.

  • Maybelline The Rocket Mascara- My most favorite mascara of all time. I had to repurchase it so I can always have it in my collection.
  • Maybelline FIT me Concealer- I heard this was a close dupe to the NARS radiant creamy concealer so I was interested in trying this one out!
  • Macadamia Deep Repair Mask- Anothing thing I been wanting to try because it is really hyped up on YouTube and I am hating my hair right now. I wouldn't buy it cause it is expensive, but someone posted that on Target.com it was $15.99 I thought perfect opportunity.
  • Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser- I am about to run out of the one I am so I bought a backup. I got it from Nordstrom because they have free shipping. 
Also I got the samples you see plus others that I gave it to someone. Those are the things I got! I know it wasn't that much, but it got kinda overwhelming I wasn't sure what to really get. Maybe next year it will be better. What did you guys get for black friday??

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner

Hey guys!!!

I have been in search for a holy grail eyeliner for my waterlines and I heard great things about the NARS eyeliners so I decided I will try one out. I bought the NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto. 

When I first swatched this liner on my hand and I let it set I rubbed my hand and it didn't budge!!! I was excited to try it in my waterlines the next day! My thoughts on this eyeliner is that its okay. I line my waterlines and then I finish the rest of my makeup. By the time I am done it fades so I have to retouch it up. I don't like that I have to retouch every single time. It does last quite a bit on my waterlines, but not as long as I wanted it to especially since it is a more expensive eyeliner. It doesn't make my eyes water right when I put it on while I am wearing contacts so this is contact friendly. 

This pencil is a retractable pencil and I like that! That just means one less pencil to sharpen haha. On the end of the eyeliner it has a small sharpener if you wanted to of course sharpen your pencil so I tried it out. I was pissed because a piece of the pencil came off and it is still stuck in that sharperner. To me that sharperner is useless.

Overall this is not my favorite eyeliner. For $24 I had higher expectations to be honest. I will be using it up because out of all of the eyeliners I have tried so far this is one that last the longest, but not repurchasing. I want to try out others to see how it compares to this one. If I don't find anything better I will be repurchasing. If you don't have watery eyes this will probably be a good eyeliner for you.

Have you guys tried out this product?? What do you think of it?? What are some of your favorite NARS products??

Monday, December 8, 2014

Nails of the Week!

Hey guys!!!

I changed my nails once again and I love my nails this week. What are some of you guys favorite glitter polishes?? I just threw away a few old glitter polishes and now I want new ones so please give me suggestions.

First I used Nailtini in Champagne on all of my nails....

On my two accent nails I applied Julep in America....

Here are my nails:

These nails will last me about 4 days without chipping. I love the Nailtini formula and I hope to get more shades in the future. Nailtini is 2 coats opacity and the Julep was just one. I want to do green nails next...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Face of the Day!

Hey guys!!!

Yesterday I reviewed the Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Palette and yesterday I played with the palette and I decided to show guys the look I came up with. 

I start off by priming my face and eyes. I forgot to include it in the pic, but I primed my face with my Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer and my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I let those set for 2 minutes before I start on my eyes. 

I first used the shade Mirage underneat my brow as a highlight shade. Then I used Desert Sands in my crease as a transition shade I just wanted a light wash of it so I only got a tiny bit of product on my brush. I applied the ELF Smudge Pot in Back to Basics all over my lid so the gold shade can pop even more. I applied Casino all over the lid and I blended it out till I was satisfied. Lastly I applied the shade Bada Bing on the outer v of my eye and blended it into the crease. I applied little by little till I got it to be as dark as I wanted it. Of course blend blend blend,

I used my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper to create my winged liner. I lined both of my waterlines with my NARS Larger Than Life eyeliner in Via Veneto. Now on to the face..

I used my Sephora Collection10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation and for concealer I used my Jane Cosmetics Concealer. I set my whole face with my Mary Kay Transluscent Powder and underneath my eyes with the Laura Mercier Invinsible Loose Setting Powder. I bronze up my face with my NYC Sunny Bronzer

I then go to my That's Heart Eyeshadow and Blush Palette to use the blush in it. To highlight my face I used my Benefit Watt's Up highlight on top of my cheekbones, top of my lip, chin, bridge of my nose, and forehead. I wanted a little more glow so I used the highlighter in the That's Heart palette on top of the Watt's Up highlighter.

I did my eyebrows with the ELF Eyebrow Kit and I set them with the ELF Eyebrow Gel (again forgot to add these in the picture). I curl my lashes and I first used the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara. I topped it off with the Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara

Before applying mascara on my bottom lashes I applied the shade Roulette on my lower lash line and blended it out. After that I applied both mascaras on my lower lash line. I highlited my inner corner with the highlighter from the That's Heart Palette. For my lips I used the No Bleeding Lips Lip Liner and on top I used the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Berlin. 

Here is the look:

What do you guys think??