Saturday, January 31, 2015

Elizabeth Arden Giveaway

Hey guys!!!

The other day I realized it has been a year since I started blogging. I would like to thank you guys for your support and I wasn't sure how to show my appreciation. A few weeks back Influenster sent me an email telling me that they were sending me a Elizabeth Arden skin care set and I thought why not give them away.

There are going to be two winners. First winner will get the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum, Eye Gel, and Moisture Cream. Second winner will win a sample of the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum.(will add picture of it tomorrow)

If you want to win just do the following:

Elizabeth Arden Giveaway

Hope you guys enter the giveaway and love the products I am giving away. Good luck guys!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

January 2015 Favorites

Hey guys!!!

I don't have many favorites this month just because I have been trying out a lot of makeup that I can't wait to tell you guys about them. There are only a couple of products that I used continuously throughout the month. 

  • NYC Sunny Bronzer- I was trying to use up another bronzer, but I got bored of it and I went back to this bronzer. This is a great everyday bronzer and since it is not very highly pigmented I don't ever overdo it on my cheeks. 
  • Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover- This is a great eye makeup remover it even removes most of my waterproof mascara.
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream- When I had run out of this cream I actually noticed a difference on my hands especially during this winter weather. The dry patches on my hands were coming back and now that I have it back I will never be without it. 
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner- I was using gel liner for a couple of months and ever since I got this liquid eye liner in the color Trooper I can't put it down. This lasts all day and it is able to stand my watery eyes or even crying. HOLY GRAIL!
  • Makeup Geek Blush- The only blush I have from her is Summer Fling and I have been using it nonstop this month I love it. I got this blush because I wanted to get one that was out of my comfort zone and since this was a orange color blush it was perfect. 
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil- I only have the color Milk and I was using quite a lot of colored eyeshadows this month so this was perfect to use to brighten up the colored shadows. 
  • Maybelline The Rocket Mascara- This is my holy grail mascara and I didn't have it for a few months. I don't know why I did that to myself because I love what did mascara does to my lashes and also my curls never fall with this mascara. One thing though it is a pain to remove so make sure you have a good eye makeup remover.
Those are all my January favorites! Like I said before there are lots of things I will be reviewing in the next few weeks so be on the lookout for that,

What were some of you guys favorites for the month of January?? 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Hey guys!!!

For a while now I had been building up my points at Sephora until there was something I would be excited to try to use my points on. I saw that the Sephora Collection had a 500 point perk box and I decided to get that. I was going to do a blogpost on all of the products in that box in one, but I couldn't wait. 

You guys know I love Clinique Eye Makeup Remover and I will repurchase that one day again, but I had high hopes for this product because my friend Addy raves about this.  I like that it is parabens, sulfate, and phthalates free. I have somewhat sensitive skin so that is important to me.

The first time I tried it I was very impressed. I accidentally forgot to remove my contacts before using this and it didn't irritate my eyes at all. The website says it is good for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes and I am happy to say that it is 100% true. 

You do have to shake it before you use it just like the Clinique one because the oil is at the top of the bottle so you have to shake it to mix it all up. I have used this for about a month already and I have only used a quarter of it. I use one cotton round for each eye and it removes most of my eye makeup. It even helps dissolve most of my waterproof mascara.

The website also says it helps with lash strengthening. I am not sure about that one I will keep you updated on that if I ever notice anything. It does leave a oily residue on your eyes after you finish, but I am okay with that since I go to use another makeup remover for my whole face right afterwards.

Overall I LOVE this eye makeup remover. Will I ever repurchase a full size?? I actually might just because it is more affordable than the Clinique one or I might go back and forth with both eye makeup removers because I love them both the same.

Have you guys tried this product?? What did you think?? What are some of your favorite eye makeup removers??

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Origins Mini Mask Marvels

Hey guys!!!

During Black Friday I purchased the Origins Mini Mask Marvels set. My friend Krystelle would always tell me how amazing the Origins masks are and when I saw the set on the website during black friday it was a great opportunity to try 3 of them out!!

I am in love with 2 out of 3 of these masks and I will be repurchasing them once I run out.

This product is for basically like the name says clear your pores. It has charcoal and white china clay. The website says: "Activated charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. White China clay absorbs environmental toxins, and lecithin dissolves impurities. Without all that stuff down there, skin breathes a sigh of relief. "  

This product has quickly become my holy grail mask because I do feel like this really cleans out my pores and my face feels fresh and clean after using it. Only thing is that it does dry out my skin so I use something else to hydrate it and I will let you know later on what I do. I only use it once a week and on the weekend after a long work week. This is my way of pampering myself and my skin. 


This product is supposed to help with problematic skin and I was excited because my skin was acting up bad, but I don't feel like it did anything for me. The website says: "Formulated with natural troubleshooters, including super-absorbent zinc oxide and sulfur plus calming camphor, this mask rapidly responds to problem skin with a three-part plan: sop up oily-shine, slough off sticky, dead cells, and sweep away irksome debris." 

I really didn't see much of a difference on my skin after using this. It was disappointing because I was really hoping that it would work for me. I don't have much to say about this product. Have you guys tried this?? Did it work for you??

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I had tried out the 10 Minute hydrating mask by getting a sample from Sephora and it was okay, but once I tried this I feel like this one is 10 times better. I LOVE how good this product smells. The website says: . "This intense moisture replacement mask with avocado and apricot kernel oil deeply and instantly quenches compromised moisture reserves and builds a reservoir for tomorrow. Best for dry skin types, Japanese seaweed repairs skin's barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature aging."

I always use this one the same night I use the Charcoal mask so my face could feel very hydrated the next day and especially now that it is winter time I tend to get some dry patches. I haven't really had that much of an issue with that this year, This product is like a very thick lotion and once you put it on you look like a shiny grease ball, but it does tone down as the hours go by. My 2nd holy grail mask and I need this in my skin care routine at all times.

Overall I am glad I got to try these 3 masks and happy that I was able to find a couple of holy grail items. I had these since November and it is almost the end of January I still haven't run out of these samples. A little does go a long way and they will last you a while and happy to report that none of these broke me out.

Have you guys tried these products?? How did your skin like them?? What are some of your favorite Origins products??

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara

Hey guys!!!

I tried out a new product to set my brows and hoping this one would be my holy grail. Honestly I was looking for the Milani brow gel, but when I couldn't find it this product was the next best thing. I heard a lot of people talk about the Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara for setting their brows so I thought why not try it out especially since it was just under $4!

Just like the last brow gel I tried this is a great one to set the brows and help with the longevity of the brow product, BUT it doesn't tame my crazy brow hairs. One thing I did notice with this product though is that once you the the wand out there is a lot of product on the brush and you can apply too much on your brow and it can mess your brows up in my opinion. 

I always remove a little bit of product on the back of my hand so that way I can get the perfect amount of product on my brows. I do love how much product you get for such a affordable price. This will last you for months. I have been using mine for almost 2 months and I am barely halfway done with it.

Overall I like it, but it isn't my holy grail product because of my crazy brow hairs. I still want to try the Milani Brow Gel. Have you guys tried that one out?? If you have crazy brow hairs like me does it keep them in place with that product?

Have you guys tried this product??? What did you think of it? Did it work out for you or no?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Birchbox January 2015 Unboxing

Hey guys!!!

I received my Birchbox last week and not that excited with the products I received, but I am glad I got deluxe sample sized products for the most part. They have been improving on the products they have been sending I almost cancelled before, but now I won't be anytime soon.

  • Whish Three Whishes Body Butter- I got the lavender scent and it says it is a formula that firms, softens, and soothes the skin. I am excited to try this out! Who doesn't need a good body butter right??
  • Manna Kadar Lip Locked- This is a stain lip product just like the Sephora Cream Lip Stain that I love so much. I might use a brush the first time I use it just in case I don't like it and I can give it to someone else. 
  • Paula's Choice RESIST Moisture Renewal Oil Booster- This is a serum that is made with 9 plant oils and it is perfect for very dry skin. I probably won't use this just because I already have a serum that I love and I don't have very dry skin. I will be giving this to someone who really needs it.
  • Karma Organic Spa Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Oil Nail Polish Remover- This is made of soybean oil and tea tree oil and it is a nontoxic formula that will strengthen nails and cuticles. I am excited to try something different to remove my nail polish. Hopefully it works out!
  • Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper Gel- This is a water based formula that fends on frizz and leaves curls sleek and shiny. It is supposed to be never crunchy, but my mom already tried this out and she doesn't like it. She said her hair felt crunchy so sadly this wasn't a hit product.
That is what I got in my birchbox. If you are interested in getting this subscription service it is only $10 a month for 5 samples to deluxe sample sized products. They been stepping up their game lately so if you want to get it go here.

What did you guys receive in your birchbox this month?? Like I said before this wasn't as exciting as my two last boxes, but oh well not every month will be great months you know?? 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Hey guys!!!

I saw a review on YouTube on a new mascara and after seeing that I really wanted to try it out. I went and bought the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in waterproof. I LOVE the Maybelline The Rocket mascara and it is my holy grail, but I always love trying other mascaras and see if it is as good or even better than The Rocket. 

I really love the wand because I am able to reach the lashes in my inner corner. One important thing to me in a mascara is if the waterproof formula will keep my lashes curled all day without them falling. I am happy to say that my curl stay up all day with this mascara. This is my second Maybelline mascara that I have tried and I am noticing that if I didn't have a good makeup remover it would be really hard to remove. 

This mascara gave me a little bit of length and good volume. I like to build up my mascaras and this will make my lashes clumpy after the second coat and I don't like the look.. Sometimes even if I am not careful with my first coat it can get clumpy. This mascara withstands my watery eyes and even some crying without smudging. The Revlon mascara I tried a while back still smudged a little even though it was waterproof.

I have had issues with some mascaras in the past with flaking so by the end of the day I look like I sprinkled pepper on my face. This one I am happy to say that it does not flake on me. I am one who will mess with my lashes throughout the day sometimes and only then will it flake because of the clumps on my lashes.

Overall I like this mascara a lot and it would have been my new favorite mascara, but since it gets clumpy very easily I will not be repurchasing this. 

Have you guys tried this mascara?? What did you think of it?? Did you have the issue with it being clumpy?

Friday, January 16, 2015

December 2014 Ipsy Bag

Hey guys!!!

This month's bag wasn't that exciting for me and I gave away as gifts most of the things in this bag. One product I really wanted to try, but I wasn't able to and I will let you know once I get to the product.

The bag this month is a nice bag. I been using a few of my ipsy bags as gifts to friends and family. This one will be used for that soon.

Beauty Without Cruelty AHA 3% Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is directed more to oily skin people and I don't have oily skin. Plus I started using a new one that I think I am loving and will continue to love. It is barely the second day using it so we shall see. I will be giving this one away to someone.

NYX Cosmetics Butter Lip Balm

I received mine in Marshmallow and it didn't work out for me at all. I didn't hydrate my lips at all they got even more dry than before. Now I am left dealing with these dry lips. Just keep in mind my lips are stubborn just like everything else about me haha. Not any old lip balm will work on me. 

Pixi by Petra Fairy Dust

I got the shade Brightening Bare and I don't like the shade. It was so blah to me, but the formula was nice. It was nicely pigmented at first. By the end of my work day it had faded away a bit even with a primer and a base. I honestly think I will throw this out. I wasn't very impressed so I won't be using it. Might as well throw it out.

Swissco Electroplated Eyelash Curler

At first when I saw this I was annoyed because it was just an eyelash curler couldn't you have sent me something better?! Now I am happy that I received it because the one I was using wouldn't curl all of my eyelashes and everytime I put on mascara it would look weird. This one does curl all of them and I love it! 

Tarte Deluxe Lights Camera Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

I really wanted to try this, but it isn't waterproof so I decided to give it to someone as a Christmas gift. I know I love my Laura Mercier mascara and that is not waterproof, but I heard that this mascara comes in waterproof so I would rather try that one if I were to try it. The Laura Mercier one does not come in waterproof so I just pair it with a waterproof mascara.

Well that is my December 2014 Ipsy bag. What did you get in your December bag?? If you are interested in this subscription service it is $10 a month for 4-5 deluxed sample or full sized products. Go here to sign up if you are interested.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 Beauty Favorites

Hey guys!!!

Time for my Yearly Favorites!! This is going to be a long post so I will start right away! I will not only be doing my beauty favorites, but also my favorite beauty girls to watch on YouTube.

  1. I didn't take a picture of it, but my most favorite face primer this year was the Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer. I love how this hydrates my skin and how long my foundation lasts with this product. I have found the perfect hrydating priner and  it is now time to find a good primer for my pores.
  2. My most used foundation this year especially for everytime I traveled is my Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation. It lasts all day and I don't have to worry about my nieces or nephews getting any transfer if they or their clothes touch my face. It also looks beautiful in photos.
  3. This year I discovered a couple of makeup brands that I fell in love with. Influenster sent me a box full of Mary Kay products and I fell in love with the brand. I love every single thing I got in that box. One that I used most of the year is the Gel Eyeliner in Jet Black. This is an easy gel liner to work with it applies smoothly and lasts all day. My other favorite eyeliners is Mary Kay At Bold Fluid Eyeliner line especially the color Real Teal. These liners once you put them on they will NOT budge and it is difficult to remove. You have to use an oil based remover in order for it to come off. 
  4. I also love the Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss in Mango Tango. I tried to find it on the website, but I could't find it. The formula of this lip gloss is not too sticky and really pigmented. It lasts on my lips for a couple of hours and most importantly it doesn't dry out my lips at all. Now for skin care I have loved the Mary Kay Clearproof Acne Treatment Gel. I have some skin issues right now, but it slowly going away thanks to this product. Like I said before I love everything I have tried from Mary Kay so far, but I didn't want to add it all in this blog post it would be waaayyyy to long.
  5. The second makeup brand that I fell in love with this year is Makeup Geek!! I have tried her eyeshadows, one blush, a couple of pigments, and one brush. I even had to buy her limited edition vegas lights palette and it didn't disappoint me. I have LOVED LOVED LOVED everything I have gotten. Everything is really pigmented, blendable, and easy to work with. I can't wait to see what else she comes out with this year so I can give her my money haha. Recently I got the new foiled eyeshadows and I will be reviewing them soon. 
  6. My holy grail eyeshadow palette is the ItsJudyTime eyeshadow palette from bh cosmetics. This is the best neutral palette ever. It is really pigmented and easy to blend. This was limited edition so when I found out it was gonna be discontinued I bought a backup. 
  7. A highlighter that I used the most this past year thanks to Shaaanxo on Youtube is Benefit Watt's Up. It is such a pretty champagne highlight and a little goes a long way. I have the sample size and I feel like it hasn't went down at all. It lasts a long time on the cheeks. I also love to top it off with a powder highlighter. 
  8. My favorite bronzer to use is this past year was the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. This is very blendable, and very pigmented so you have to be careful with this one. If you apply too much it can look muddy. Most importantly it smells like chocolate! 
  9. My other most favorite gel eyeliner is the LORAC PRO Cream Eyeliner in Plum. This is really creamy, applies smoothly, and lasts all day. My eyes love to water and this didn't budge. 
  10. My top favorite mascara was the Maybelline The Rocket mascara. I didn't have it for a couple of months and when I finally repurchased it I was happy to have it back. I been loving topping it off with the Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara. This is my holy grail combo and I will definitely be purchasing the full size of the Laura Mercier mascara.
  11. My holy grail liquid eyeliner is the Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper. This lasts all day, easy to use, pigmented, and is able to handle my watery eyes whenever my allergies act up. I have tried lots of pencil eyeliners for my waterline this past year, but the only one that stood out to me is the NARS Larger Than Life eyeliner in Via Veneto. This doesn't last all day on my waterline, but it doesn't smudge even when my eyes watered and one time I cried with it and it didn't scroll down my cheek. It was very impressive.
  12. My favorite eyeshadows from the drugstore are the L'OREAL Infallible Eyeshadows especially the shade Amber Rush. These are like pressed pigments you can use them either wet or dry. They are very pigmented, blendable, and easy to work with. 
  13. I fell in love with the Origins Super Spot Remover when I used to get one or 2 pimples every once in a while before my skin decided to act up horribly. This thing is amazing. It is a tiny tube thing, but a little goes a long way and I would put it on at night before bed. The next day the pimple would have shrunken dramatically. 
  14. My favorite eye makeup remover was the Clinique Take The Day Off For Lids, Lashes, and Lips. This removes 95% of your eye makeup with one cotton round. 
  15. My favorite white base to brighten up my colored shadows is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Just make sure you don't apply too much and blend it out well if not it will crease.
  16. I been loving setting my undereyes with the Laura Mercier Invinsible Loose Setting Powder
  17. My favorite tools to apply my makeup has been all of the Real Techniques brushes like for example the blush brush, the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, and all of my ELF brush. I have been loving the ELF Studion Line brushes especially the small tapered face brush.
Lip Products
  1. One of my most favorite lipsticks from the drugstore that I used a lot this year is the NYX Matte Lipsticks. I have Eden and Sweet Pink. This is moisturizing and lasts about 4 hours on me and it still looks good after you reapply.
  2.  My other favorite lipsticks from the drugstore is the Wet N Wild Fergie Creme Lipsticks. My favorite one is Ferguson Crest Cabernet. It is moisturizing, highly pigmented, and lasts a good while on my lips. It does leave a little stain on my lips after it wears off.
  3. I received this on my October Ipsy bag and I fell in love with it. It is the City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Capuccino. This formula is moisturizing, pigmented and it lasts 4-5 hours on my lips. Just like the other lippies before it still looks good after reapplying.
  4. One of my favorite lip products from Sephora are the Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencils. My obsession started with the shade Pomegranate. I even got the set of four, Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix, this past holiday season. These are highly pigmented, moisturizing, and lasts about 4 hours before needing to reapply. 
  5. I have been loving two different lip products from the Sephora Collection line. Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red and Sephora Collection Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in Deep Plum. They are both easy to apply, highly pigmented, and lasts a good while depending on what I am doing of course. The difference is that the cream lip stain will not transfer at all to anything or anyone, but the luster matte will since it isn't a stain and it has a beautiful sheen. It does leave a little stain on me if I don't reapply for a long time.
My Top YouTube Beauty Girls 
All of these girls I mentioned I have watched all year. Everytime they upload a video I MUST WATCH no matter what I am doing or once I get home from work I watch them first before anyone else. These girls have great reviews and makeup tutorials and great personalities. If you love watching YouTube like me you will love their work.
  • ItsJudyTime- She does first impressions. makeup tutorials, hauls, and tag videos. She also daily vlogs on ItsJudysLife I love watching them too. Thanks to her first impressions at least one product made it to the 2014 favorites.
  • SuperAshley127- Her tutorials man.....AMAZING! I love watching people who do neutral and colorful tutorials on their channel. My recent purchases have been thanks to her tutorials and I actually have been recreating her looks too. She also interacts with her subscribers on all her social media and I love that!
  • EssieButton- I don't know what it is about her, but I love watching her videos especially her trilogy videos like for example her spring trilogy videos. She has beauty, fitness, and random videos. She also has a vlog channel, EssieButtonVlogs, which I love watching as well.
  • KathleenLights- She is another one who I love her tutorials neutral and colorful looks. She does great reviews and unboxing videos. Her saying is "GIRL DAS ESSPENSIVE" I love it. She is the reason why I been wanting to try out all the ELF products.
  • AmandaEnsing- She does amazing makeup tutorials, hauls and reviews. She is another bad influence and will convince you that you need all the amazing highlighters out there.
  • CaseyHolmes- I love how her personality has been showing through this year on her videos. Again she does amazing makeup tutorials, hauls, clothing hauls too, DIY's, and etc. 
  • Shaaanxo- She does awesome makeup tutorials, hauls, clothing hauls as well, tag videos, lip swatches, and etc. Her channel has a little bit of everything. She also has a nice accent!
  • BeautyBuzzHub- I love love watching her reviews. She is always doing them and also lots of hauls, Her friend MrsLolaLynn is another one of my favorites to watch. She also does great reviews, makeup tutorials, unboxing vids, and etc. Their friend ShadesofKassie does the same type of videos and I love watching her as well. Her son is too cute he has been in a few unboxing vids.
  • JamiePaigeBeauty- She is a professional makeup artist and of course she does awesome makeup tutorials, reviews, lip swatch videos, and etc. I loved her 24 Holy Grail Lipsticks videos she did an amazing job on it.
  • AmeliaLiana- She does different types of videos. Makeup tutorials, hauls, reviews, vlogs, and etc. Her accent tho...haha. She is the one who convinced to buy the Sephora Cream Lip Stain.
  • luvlaurenashley- She is a fellow Houstonian like me. She does mostly unboxings, hauls, reviews and sometimes her daughter pops in the videos she's so cute. Her videos are normally short and sweet and straight to the point. 
That is my 2014 Favorites!! Phew! That was a long one I am sorry if it is too long for you!! Of course I have more favorites, but these are the products that I reached for the most. As for YouTubers there are a lot more I could have listed, but these are the ladies I must watch all of their videos. The other Youtubers I love watching certain videos I skip over.

What were some of you guys favorites for the year 2014??! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

December 2014 Favorites

Hey guys!!!

I know I am late, but it is time for my last monthly favorites for the year 2014 and I can't believe we are already in the new year. I am going to show you a few things that I have been enjoying, but not all of it because tomorrow I will be posting my yearly favorites and I didn't want it to be too repetitive. Although a couple of these are still gonna be on that post.

  • Mary Kay ClearProof Acne Treatment Gel- This is really helping my acne slowly but surely. I am sure that with the whole line will help more, but for now I am sticking with just this product. 
  • NYX Matte Lipstick- This holiday season I wore most of my red lippies, but there was one that I reached for the most and it was the NYX Matte Lipstick in Eden. I love this lipstick formula it doesn't dry out my lips and it lasts on my lips for a good while. 
  • Jane Cosmetics Eye Primer- I have started using this primer again and I love it. This helps my shadows not crease and last all day. 
  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge- I stopped using this for a while because the one I had was really dirty and I had repurchased a new one, but it stayed in the packaging because I was loving the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I am glad I started using this again because it is amazing to blend out foundation and concealer and making your skin look flawless.
  • Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma- I had used this under my brow bone and my eyes, but for some reason I never used it in my inner corner. I decided to use it once and I haven't stopped since. It is very pigmented and this stayed very bright and pigmented all day. 
  • Makeup Geek Insomnia Pigment- I used this a lot this month for the holidays and I LOVE this color. I hear it is a dupe for MAC Blue Brown pigment. I wore it to a holiday party and I got quite a few compliments.
  • Makeup Geek Utopia Pigment- This is the most beautiful pigment ever. I wore for New Years Eve and my boyfriend even loved the pigment and asked me to wear it again. Whenever your man compliments you its a big deal right?? This one is one that you must wet your brush before applying this because the glitter is a a little chunky and it will have less fallout that way.
  • W3LL People Bio Brightener Stick- I received this in my Birchbox and I will do a review post on it, but just know I love it. 
  • Laura Mercier Invinsible Loose Setting Powder- I received this in my November Ipsy bag and I am glad I did. I will be doing a post on this one, but again just know I love it and I am gonna want the full size once I run out!
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer- I don't use this everyday I only use it whenever I am out of town or special occassions. You only need a little bit it is very pigmented, very blendable, and it smells like chocolate because it is made out of cocoa powder.
Those are my December favorites. What are some of you guys favorites?? Now on to work on my Yearly favorites.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 2015 Empties

Hey guys!!!

I have used up more products and now I want to show you what I used up and let you guys know what I think of it and if I will repurchase them.

  • Acure Day Cream- I received this in my Birchbox s couple months ago and it is supposed to be for your face, but I used it for my hands. It was really moisturizing and I would put it on overnight so it can sink into my skin. I will not be repurchasing this.
  • The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth Serum-  I am in search of a good serum so I decided to try this one out. It was okay I didn't notice any major difference on my skin. It didn't moisturize as much as I wanted it to. I will not be repurchasing this.
  • Sephora Collection 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation- I really loved the finish of this foundation and I actually bought a new one, but I recently have been noticing my pores more and more and I feel like this foundation is sinking into my pores now. I most likely will not repurchase another one once I am finished with it unfortunately.
  • NYX HD Photogenic Concealer- This concealer had good coverage, but it really creased on my really bad even if I set it. I will not be repurchasing this.
  • Almay Liquid Eyeliner- This was my holy grail eyeliner for a long time in brown and black, but I discovered a better liner. If you have watery eyes this isn't a good eyeliner since it is not waterproof. It will definitely smudge and if you don't this is a nice liner. I will not be repurchasing this.
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil- I received the color Black Velvet in an Ipsy bag and I wasn't very impressed. I was impressed on how black it was and how smooth it glide on on my waterline, but it didn't last long for me. I would have to touch up at least once while I was out and about maybe even twice depending on how long I was out. I have watery eyes and this liner didn't hold up well with it. I will not be purchasing this.
  • Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream- I did enjoy this eye cream, but it didn't really wow me or give me any amazing results. It did brighten up my under eyes a little bit and it did depuff my eyes, but I started noticing that it didn't moisturize it enough. It was close to being holy grail at one point. I do wish it did moisturize more so it could have been holy grail, but oh well. I am trying out a new one now. 
  • L'OREAL Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara- I was really hoping to love this mascara, but even though it was waterproof my curl would not hold at all. I did love the volume and length that it gave my lashes, but because of my stubborn lashes I couldn't love this. I will not be repurchasing this.
  • ELF Essential Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara- For $1 this brow gel is amazing, but if you have crazy brow hairs it is not going to set them down. This product does help your brows last all day. I will not be repurchasing this cause of my crazy brow hairs.
  • Figs & Rouge Hand Cream- I received it in my Ipsy bag, but this was not a good hand cream in my opinion. It didn't moisturize my hands enough I would have to squeeze 3 times in order for it to feel moisturizing. I will not be purchasing this.
  • Skyn Iceland Mini Glacial Cleansing Cloths- I received this in the same Ipsy bag as the hand cream and these cleansing cloths were actually very moist and it didn't break me out that one time I used it on my face. I used most of it to remove swatches off my hand and arm. I will not purchase. 
  • Harvey Prince Hello Perfume- I received this in my Birchbox and it was a nice perfume while I had it. It only lasted me a week,  I will not purchase this just because I have more than enough perfumes in my collection at the moment.
  • Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Towelletes- I really did enjoy these wipes when I would remove my makeup off my face with these, but I stopped using wipes a couple months ago and now I only use them to remove swatches off my hand and arm. I will always repurchase them.
Those are all the products I used up!! What products have you guys been using up??
Next couple of posts will be my December Favorites and Yearly Favorites so keep a lookout for those this week!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Nails of the Week!

Hey guys!!!

Happy New Year to you guys!!! Hope you guys had a great New Year and have had a great start to the new year! I did my own nails for New Years and I love how they came out.

I used the Klean Color Nail Laquer in 168 Metallic Black on only two nails. This had great pigmentation with just one coat, but I still do two coats. I love this formula because of the pigmentation and it dries really fast. The downside to this formula is that it chips fast. 

One the rest of the nails I used Julep in Dahlia. I love love this gold shade I have been obsessed with this polish all holiday season. It lasts a good 4-5 days before it chips.

I decided to use a glitter polish this time so I went with Julep America. I used it on top of the Metallic Black shade. I really love how this turned out and again this lasts 3-4 days on my nails before chipping. I hope it will help the black color last.

Here is the end result:

 What were some of you guys New Year's nail polish favorites??