Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 2015 Ipsy Bag

Hey guys!!!

I know it has been a long time I have done an Ipsy bag post, but I had not been very happy with the bags so it was pointless to post about it if I was not happy about them. I decided to retake the quiz and see if they improve. Surprisingly this bag was amazing and I want to show you what I got:

I am a huge fan of the bag. How can you not love it? Look at it! Haha!

Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray

I am glad I received this because I love trying out new hair products. This reminds me a lot of the its a 10 leave-in conditioner. I am enjoying this product because it makes my hair feel soft and smell good, but I don't think it really helps with the frizz in my hair. The best part is that it is paraben, silicones, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances free.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil & Bonus Revolution High Color Lip Gloss

I received the lip liner in ozone and it is just a clear lip liner that will help with feathering. I really enjoy that lip liner, but the lip glosses however I didn't like them. I was hoping that purple one would work, but it applied streaky and it didn't like nice on the lips. I threw them away already because I was not a fan.

BellaPierre Cosmetics Waterproof Mineral Gel Eyeliner Pencil

That swatch is just one swipe. It is very pigmented and it slides on the waterline amazingly. It lasts me for a good portion of the day, but it does fade away eventually. An issue I have with a few eyeliners is that it runs or it collects in my inner corner and this one doesn't do that so far. I might buy it again once I run out.

AMIE Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer

I would love to thank Ipsy for this product because thanks to this product the oils on my face are in control. It is my new holy grail product and I already purchased a full size. This didn't break me out either which was a plus. It is paraben and mineral oil free. 

Luxie Beauty Tapered Blending Eye Brush 205

This brush is amazing. It is so soft and blends out the eyeshadows like a dream. Also when I cleaned this brush it didn't shed so I was happy. I am going to look more into this brand and see what other brush I would want to try because I was impressed.

Overall this was a great bag. I am not going to cancel Ipsy just yet, but depending on how the next few months are will depend on if I cancel or not.

What did you guys get in your bag this month?? Did you love it or hate it?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Birchbox May 2015 Unboxing

Hey guys!!!

Time to show you guys what I received in my Birchbox this month, but unfortunately I am not a fan of a couple of things. I will be giving some them to other people who will enjoy using them.

  • Naobay Oxygenated Cream Moisturizer- It is made with avocado and olive oils. It is supposed to nourish and hydrate your skin. I found my holy grail moisturizers so I will not be trying this one out, but I will be giving it to someone. 
  • Laura Geller Beauty Color Drenched Lip Gloss- This is a pigmented lip gloss that gives shine and moisture to your lips. I didn't try this one out, but I decided to give it to someone else just because I wanted to do something nice. 
  • Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional- I hate this product. I have tried this before and I was not happy that I received this so I will see if anyone else will want to try this.
  • Marcelle Clay Mask- It is loaded with natural ingredients to clarify and brighten the skin. One of my favorite things to try for skin care are masks. I am very excited to try this out!
  • Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo- This is a weightless spray that refreshes sans residue and it has the signature scent from this brand. I love using dry shampoo all the time and I heard great things about this dry shampoo so I am excited to try it out!
That is what I got in my Birchbox this month. What did you guys get in your box this month?

If you are interested in receiving this subscription it is only $10 for 5 samples to deluxe size sample sizes sometimes even full sizes. You can go here to sign up. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bella Voxbox

Hey guys!!!

I received another box from Influenster. I received all these products complimentary from them for testing purposes. This time it is the Bella Voxbox. I am always excited to receive these boxes and it is free to sign up and all you have to do is review things on the website to start qualifying for these boxes. 

I was excited to try out everything. I have heard of a few of these products and I been wanting to try them out for a while now so I was glad it was in this box.

Kate's Scandaleyes Mascara

I already knew I wasn't going to love this mascara because it was not waterproof, but I still wanted to try it out at least once. Unfortunately, this mascara did nothing for my lashes. It didn't give any volume or length on my lashes. When I applied this was just like if I was coating my lashes with mascara and that's it. Nothing impressive about this mascara at all. It has an interesting wand and I actually liked the wand, but not the mascara itself. 

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Now this is a product that I had been wanting to try for a long time because I have heard so many great things about this. Only issue I had with this product was that it isn't my shade it made me look orange. The product itself is amazing. I applied this and I let it dry then I put on my clothes. I was actually worried that this would stain my clothes, but surprisingly it didn't. It lasted through the heat and humidity and once it was time to remove it it was so easy to do in the shower. I will probably buy a new one later on in the right color.

Not Your Mother's Deja Vu Do Style Extender

I had tried other Not Your Mother hair products before and I was not a huge fan so I had already went into this not having high hopes. It really smells good and it makes my hair smell good. It smells like red apples and berries, but I feel like it doesn't do anything to my hair at all. Everything the product says it does it didn't do sadly. I am still in search of my holy grail hair products and sadly this product will not be one of them.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Moss

I received the shade 11 and it is a highly talked about color. It is a gorgeous red and that swatch was just one swipe. This lipstick is pigmented, hydrating, and lasts about 3-4 hours on my lips before needing to reapply. I don't mind reapplying at all. I love this lipstick a new staple in my collection. I might look into other shades in this lip product.

EcoTools Mattifying Finish Brush

I love love this brush. When it first arrived I felt how soft it is and I immediately washed it. There was no shedding whatsoever. I have used it for powder and bronzer and I love it for both uses. It blended our the bronzer nicely and I have to be a little careful with the amount of powder that I apply cause I can overdo it with this brush a little bit. Other than that it is an amazing brush and I will be looking into more brushes from this brand.

DOVE Fruit

Need I say more? Chocolate covered blueberries? Yes please! These were so good they were gone the first night I had them. I couldn't help myself I love some good chocolate!! I will be looking for these at the store soon!!

I am supposed to talk about Club W and it is about some sort of wine club, but I don't drink so it is pointless for me to talk about it or purchase anything. 

Overall I really enjoyed testing out these products. Thank you Influenster once again for sending me these products. I loved 4 out of 6 products and that is not bad at all. Did you guys receive this box? What were your favorite products??

Sunday, May 17, 2015

EYEKO Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

Hey guys!!!

I received the EYEKO Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in my February 2015 Birchbox and I have been testing it out ever since. As most of you know my holy grail liquid eyeliner is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and nothing has compared to that, but to my surprise this one is now my second favorite liner. There is one thing I don't like about it which you will soon find out!

Look at how black this liner is! It is very pigmented with one swipe. 

This liner is actually easy to use and I was really impressed. I was able to do my wing with no problem and that is important because I cannot go without winged liner. I honestly don't know if this is waterproof or not, but the website says it is smudge proof and so far I haven't had issues with this smudging whenever my eyes water due to allergies. 

I love how black this is and to my surprise it is more black the Kat Von D one, but there is one thing I do not like about this one. I love that it dries matte, BUT once it does dry it is SET! If you wanted to retouch up or try to fix it after it dries it will NOT work. You do have to work fast and perfect your liner as quick as you can.

This liner is $16 and for some people that is too pricey, but to me it would be worth the money because mine is still going strong and I got it in February. I always switch this and the Kat Von D one. It depends on my mood in the mornings.

Overall I do love this liner. If you love bold and dark liner this will be perfect for you. Will I purchase this on my own? If I end up missing it once it is finished I definitely will.

Have you guys tried this product out? What do you think of it?? What are some of your favorite EYEKO products??

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Beauty Blender & Beauty Blender Micro Mini

Hey guys!!!

As some of you know I was loving my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and it was holy grail status. I will still use it for whenever I don't have this next product, but this product is actually a little better than the Real Techniques one. I know I barely hauled this last month in my IMATS Haul, but I was really excited to talk about it.

I had been wanting to try out the Beauty Blender for so long, but I wouldn't pay around $20 for a sponge when I could just buy the Real Techniques one for around $6. I also didn't find the Beauty Blender Micro Minis necessary when you can use the regular beauty blender for the exact same thing, but I was impressed with it.

As most of you know you need to run these under water and squeeze out the excess water before you use them. They will double in size once you do that. It is supposed to absorb less product and help you use less product as well.

The beauty blender practically gives the same finish to your skin as the Real Techniques sponge, but it is better for two reason. I noticed that the beauty blender does not soak up as much product and it blends your foundation a little bit better than the other sponge. 

The beauty blender micro mini really impressed me. I had already used the original beauty blender to blend my concealer and it was good, but when I used the micro mini the next day I LOVED the way it blended out my concealer and you are able to get into the hard to reach areas with this much easier. It blended it out better than the original.

Overall these two are now my new holy grail makeup sponges. I will definitely be repurchasing these once they get yucky and old, but if I don't feel like spending the money I will continue using the Real Techniques one. For the most part I will be using these two to be honest. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Jane Cosmetics Eyes That Inspire Water-Resistant Eyeliner Set

Hey guys!!!

I was in a Kohl's store during the holidays season and I noticed that a few Jane Cosmetics products were popping up there. I saw the Eyes That Inspire Water-Resistant Eyeliner Set by the checkout and I had heard great things about it so I purchased it.

(Top to bottom: Deep Purple, Purple Lilac, Brown Shimmer, and Black)

I saw these colors and I was really excited especially the Purple Lilac shade. Sadly that one is my least favorite one. Here are the swatches:

(Left to right: Black, Brown shimmer, Lilac Purple, Deep Purple)

As you can maybe see on the swatches the black and brown shades it was just one swipe, but the two purple ones I had to do like 3 swipes for it to be that pigmented. I am going to talk about every single shade individually because each one I have something different to say.

  • Black: This is a really pigmented black shade, but it doesn't last all day on my waterline. I do have to touch it up throughout the day and unfortunately this is the only one out of all of them that doesn't last all day on me.
  • Brown Shimmer: This is a beautiful brown with copper shimmer and I am in LOVE. This is a holy grail pencil for me so I will be repurchasing this one once I run out. I love using this when I do more natural eye looks. 
  • Purple Lilac: This is a beautiful violet fuchsia, but when I first applied it you could not see it at all on my waterline. I actually have to apply this first, then a little bit of the black liner, and then this again so you can see the beautiful brightness of the purple. 
  • Deep Purple: This is a dark smoky purple aaannnddd I was only a little disappointed. Just like the purple lilac liner I have to add a little black and then apply this one to get the pigmentation that I want. 
All of the liners are do not make my eyes water, do not smudge even if I am crying or my allergies act up and my eyes water, and does not go into the inner corner throughout the day.

Overall I am impressed with this eyeliner formula especially being a drugstore eyeliner pencil. I haven't had the best of luck with drugstore eyeliners. Out of all 4 I will definitely be repurchasing the Brown Shimmer liner. 

Have you guys tried out this product? What you think of it? What are some of your favorite Jane Cosmetics products? What are your holy grail black eyeliners?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Origins Brush Cleaner

Hey guys!!!

As most of you know my holy grail Brush Cleaner for spot cleaning during the week is the Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser, but when I went into the store to buy more they didn't have any left. I needed something ASAP since I had no more left and they showed me the Origins Brush Cleaner so I bought that instead. 

I honestly haven't had too many products that I have tried from Origins that I strongly dislike, but this is actually one of those products. I have to spray my brush so many times for the product that is on it to actually come off especially the big brushes. Since I spray the brushes so many times with it it takes longer to dry and no one has time for that during the work week.

Whenever I try to clean the concealer brush or foundation brush I have to really rub the brush on the towel hard and spray about 8 times for the product to come off. With the Clinique one the most was 3 sprays for the product to come off.

Also I don't like the scent of this cleaner. To me it smells like alcohol and herbs combined. If you have tried this product do you agree with that scent description?? I am actually surprised it didn't break me out because of how strong the scent is.

Overall I will not repurchase this. I have had this for two weeks and it is almost halfway done. Plus this bottle wasn't all the way filled to the top to begin with. Have you guys tried this product?? What do you guys think?? Do you have a favorite brush cleaner?

Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015 Favorites

Hey guys!!!

I didn't do a favorites post last month and I almost didn't do one this month because I have been testing out lots of makeup. There are some products that I have been consistently using throughout the last two months which is why I decided to go ahead and do this post.

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo- My holy grail dry shampoo is the tinted dry shampoo in medium & brunette, but I decided I wanted to try a different one. I have heard a lot of people talk about the Sassy & daring wild kind of the batiste dry shampoos and I love it. I was going to do a review on it, but I decided not to its practically the same thing as the tinted one. Only thing you have to brush it out after letting it sit for a few minutes on your scalp to let it soak up your oils because if not you will get a white cast.
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- When I first tried out this mascara I loved and hated it. This is a great mascara, BUT because it isn't waterproof my lashes fell down immediately after application. I have been using it up by applying it right after applying a waterproof mascara. It gives my lashes a little more length and volume. I have been loving it.
  • Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder- I got this during the Sephora VIB Sale and I am so happy to have this back in my life. It sets my makeup beautifully and it helps with the creasing under my eyes. It makes your skin feel silky smooth. One day I will try out the Secret Brightening Powder, but for now I am enjoying this one.
  • Milani Rose Powder Blush- I have been reaching for blush a lot and I am scared that the cute pattern on it will rub off soon haha. I love this blush so much because this is my first coral blush and I love the formula. It is very pigmented and very blendable. If you guys haven't tried these blushes you must try it out!
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer- My holy grail bronzer and because it is an expensive bronzer I hadn't been using lately, but I realized I have had it for a while I might as well use it up and repurchase. I have already hit pan on this product. One tip this is really pigmented and if you are not careful you will look muddy. I always get a little bit at a time until I am satisfied with it. 
  • ELF Baked Highlighter- All I could say about this product is BEAUTIFUL GLOW! If you love a good highlight this is a good one to try. I have been using it nonstop recently and I am loving it. I have been using the Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply it and it is the best brush to use with this product. 
Those are my April Favorites. I am still testing out products so there will be more posts coming your way. 

What were some of your favorites this month???