Monday, August 18, 2014

Maybelline Eye Studio 24 HR Color Tattoos

Hey guys!!!

This is one of my favorite products from Maybelline. I heard my friend Nikki talking about them in her videos and I had to try one out. The first one I got is from the Metal collection in Inked in Pink. Recently in a swap I received the color Caramel Cool, but unfortunately it is a limited edition color and it is not available anymore. I am sorry about that.

I have loved my Inked in Pink so much that I have hit pan on it. I have heard that you don't need a primer with these, but I still put primer on just because I have oily eyelids. When you apply it just blend it out quickly because once it sets it will not budge. I recommend you to do one eye at a time so you have time to blend it out. I love using these as a base or even alone with winged liner and done. 

I was at Sephora once and they were trying to remove my eye makeup, but they were having trouble. They asked me "What you got on your eyes? Because whatever it is it doesn't want to budge." Make sure you got a good makeup remover to get these color tattoos off.

So far everything I have tried from Maybelline I have LOVED! I do want to get a couple more color tattoos, but I have trouble deciding which shade since there are so many and now there are leather tattoos. Have you guys tried those yet?? What do you think of them??

What is your favorite Maybelline product?? I would love to hear your suggestions. I want to try something new so let me know what I should try next. 


  1. I've heard so many good things about these. I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon. Thanks for the swatches of those two.
    Bright Shiny

    1. u totally should. i havent met not one person that hates these. hope u enjoy them as much as me whenever u get one! :)