Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Lip Products Addict TAG!

Hey guys!!!

Amelia and Estee, aka AmelianLiana and Essiebutton, on YouTube created a tag together and I thought why not do it on my blog and have something different on here. You guys should totally check them out! 

Best Balm/Treatment?
My very good friend Krystelle recommended me Smith's Rosebud Salve and I been enjoying it. It is not the best one for me, but it is the best one I have tried so far. Whenever I first put it on my lips feel so hydrated and look glossy, but my lips don't stay moisturized throughout the day or even if I put it on at night before bed I wake up with dry lips. 

Best Eye-Catching Red?
My favorite red is Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquer in Big Bang.  It is a very bright red and these are highly pigmented. The formula for these lip laquers are amazing. They last about 3 hours on me before it starts to fade, but they feel moisturizing and most important really do not dry out my lips. They are very easy to apply. More in depth review here.

Best Luxury and Best Drugstore?
Best Luxury- I received this in my Ipsy bag and it is Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in Get Ready. It is a pretty pink color and it's almost a "my lips but better color" because my lips are pigmented except the lipstick is a little bit more pinker than my lips. It smells soooo good and the formula is amazing. It feels moisturizing and does not dry my lips. This lasts 3-4 hours before it starts to fade. If you are interested in a swatch go here.
Best Drugstore-There are a few I enjoy that I haven't done a blogpost on them yet so I didn't want to show them yet. So I decided to go with my Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquer in Galaxy. I received this from one of my fav YouTubers, GlamourWonderland, and I can't thank her enough for sending it to me because I fell in love with this product in general thanks to her. It is a pretty shimmery pinky purple color and you can't feel or really see the shimmer on the lips. Go here for full review.

Best MAC Lipstick?
Believe it or not I don't have a MAC lipstick in my collection. I hope to at least buy one soon. Do you guys have any recommendations??? 

The Most Disappointing?
I had made an order on Hautelook even though I had told myself NO NO NO!!! I had received 3 lipsticks(blogpost coming soon) and the one that disappointed me was NYX Lipstick in 524 Aphrodite. It is a nice plummy color, but when I put it on my lips.....lets just say that it made my teeth look yellow!! I was really hoping to like the color. Full review coming soon.

Liner-Yes or No?
At the moment no. I am interesting in trying out the Milani clear lip liner so I don't have to worry about buying different color liners. Have you guys tried that one?? What did you guys think of it?? Do you recommend any other clear lip liner??

Best Gloss?
I recently did a review on this gloss and many other products. My favorite gloss at the moment is Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Mango Tango. It is a very pretty orange red and this is the best gloss I have tried so far that will not severely dry out my lips. For full review go here.

Something Extra?
Hmm I wasn't sure what to put for this question, but I decided to go with NYX Lipstick in 517 Hades. I received this in one of my first Ipsy bags before I started blogging. It is a pretty peachy pinky nude and since it is my first nude I am not 100% comfortable with wearing nude so I pair it with a pink lip gloss to make it less nude and more pink. I really enjoy the formula of these lipsticks. Again full review soon..

Thank you for creating this fun tag Amelia and Estee. I had so much fun after a stressful day doing this tag. I was looking through my mini collection and kinda wish I had a couple more haha. Any recommendations guys?? 

I am tagging a few people to do this tag:
Casey Holmes
AND anyone else who wants to do it!

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