Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sleek Makeup Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette

Hey guys!!!

Honestly I am always entering giveaways on YouTube and Instagram aanndd Superashley127 was having one a few months back. I entered like always and when she said I won I was sooo happy because she sent me products from Paris and other places she visited. One brand I can't go get in the store in Texas is Sleek Makeup.

I see quite a few YouTubers using the Sleek Face Form Contouring & Blush Palette and I had been wanting to try it out as usual. I was happy to see this product in this giveaway so I started using it as soon as I received the prize. 

This is the shade Light. The reason why I wanted to try this product was because of the highlight. OMG you see that swatch? I will say that if you are not careful you will apply too much. I did that once and BAM EXTREME HIGHLIGHT! Don't get me wrong I LOVE a strong highlight, but it was actually too much for me. I recommend a light hand with it.

The bronzer in the palette I love the shade. It is not too dark or not too light. It is the perfect shade for me to contour/bronze my skin. The blush is almost an orgasm dupe only thing I believe this one is a little more pigmented than orgasm. That shade is one of my favorite shades of blush so I am glad to have this dupe in my collection. 

These powders are very easy to blend. I had several mishaps with the highlight and the bronzer with me applying too much at 5:30am so all I do is grab my powder brush and it blends out nicely. I am so happy with this product that I am actually about to hit pan on the bronzer. 
The highlight as pigmented as it is it looks like it has a pinky undertone and it looks weird on my skin tone. When I am in a hurry I will use it, but otherwise I will mix it with the blush so I can have a really beautiful glowy skin.

Overall, I really love this product. It is practically holy grail status and if I go into a Sleek store(in NYC) I will definitely repurchase this. Thanks to Superashley127 for sending me this product. If you guys haven't checked her out you totally should I am obsessed with her videos.

What are some of your favorite Sleek products?? What should I try next??

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